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Messari, Nizar. National Security, the political space, and citizenship: the case of Morocco and the Western Sahara
2001, The Journal of North African Studies, 6(4), pp. 47–63.
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Abstract: In this article, the issue of the Western Sahara is addressed by linking it to that of democratisation; to establish this link the argument is threefold. I first refer to the construction of Morocco's national political space by creating a national identity and considering those of Algeria and the Sahrawi. The issue of the Moroccan regime and its strategies for survival by taking the lead in the Western Sahara issue is examined. Finally both the relevance and the influence of the future of the Western Sahara in the evolution of the current Moroccan political transition is considered.

Comment: This article gives an example of foreign influence that a state might have and how this shapes the neighbouring countries but also its own national politics. It discusses the disputed territory of the Western Sahara and can be used in teaching on Moroccan history, foreign policy and conflict.

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