Get funded with the DRL!

Some of our volunteers went on to apply for grants which paid for their work in adding new List entries. The Universities of Leeds, Edinburgh and Sheffield have proven particularly generous in offering to support own staff and students in their projects to expand the DRL. It is very likely that similar opportunities will be available at other institutions.

Universities are typically happy to fund their own PhD students and early career staff to engage in career building projects, and they are increasingly striving towards promoting equality and diversity. The DRL offers a perfect opportunity to do both those things at once: collaborating with us will give you useful experience and give your institution a chance to be part of a successful diversity initiative.

So far, we were successful in applying for direct funding from departments and schools, for teaching excellence and innovation grants, and professional development grants. Typically, the projects focused on adding new List entries in the winner’s area of expertise, and offered two hours of tutor pay per entry added.

There might be further ways to convince your institution to fund you:

  1. If your university has a Minorities and Philosophy chapter, you might want to develop a joint MAP-DRL project, or a local MAP group project which expands the DRL. This might make your institution more likely to fund you, as they might be happier to fund a project which has clear local connections and benefits.
  2. Your university is likely trying to earn an Athena Swan award, which likely involves attempts at curriculum diversification. Contributing to the DRL can be tied with such local projects, giving your institution a double incentive: one grant will pay for both diversifying the local curriculum and the development of a successful diversity project.

There are a number of other sources of funding and different ways to approach them – have a look at a list of grants we already got! We are happy to offer you assistance in developing your applications and support you all the way through. So why not give it a try?

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us: