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1972, Kothari, R. (1972) Politics in india. Repr edn. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan.
, Contributed by: Dina K
Publisher’s Note:

Acclaimed to be by far the most sophisticated general study on Indian politics. Politics in India unfolds, here with insight and acumen and the vastness and confusion of the Indian political scene is elaborately discussed. This book is the first comprehensive treatment of the Indian political system examined from different vantage points and drawing together the contribution of various disciplines into a common framework.

Comment: This renowned book is an important one for any scholar of history of politics, society and IR in India, having set the foundations for Indian academic perspectives on the Indian national systems of government. The ground-breaking analysis was the first to assess post-colonial Indian politics, culture and societal norms, as well as democracy from a broader perspective, distinct from the previously uncontested Western hegemony within social sciences. The book theorises on the concepts of power and modernisation, and challenges the academic hegemony of the 1970s. The redefinition of such concepts from an Indian perspective had important effects on West-centric disciplines, especially in light of India’s colonial history.

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