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Mukimbiri, Jean. The Seven Stages of the Rwandan Genocide
2005, Mukimbiri, J. (2005) “The Seven Stages of the Rwandan Genocide,” Journal of International Criminal Justice, 3(4), pp. 823–836.
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Drawing upon a book by J.M. Lecomte on the genocide of the Jews by the Nazi Germans, the author examines the seven stages in the genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda. These stages, which do not necessarily follow one another in time but may overlap, can be classified in the following way: (i) definition of the target group on the basis of some criteria; (ii) registration of the victims; (iii) designation or outward identification of the victims; (iv) restriction and confiscation of goods; (v) exclusion from professions, working activities and means of transportation, among other things; (vi) systematic isolation; (vii) mass extermination.

Comment: This is an easy text discussing the Rwandan Genocide. It is suitable for an introductory-level course on the Rwandan Genocide; genocide studies; episodes of mass violence or ethnic conflict.

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